Frequently Asked Questions
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    1. What is verification of marks?

    Student who had appeared for the examination and could not satisfied with his marks may apply for verification of marks within fifteen days of declaration of results.

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    2. How can I apply for verification of marks?

    Candidate who want to verify his marks has to apply to the respective branch office of the institute fill the form with prescribe fees notified by the institute time to time.

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    3. Where should the physical application be sent?

    Physical form should be submitted to the any nearest branch of the institute by hand to hand or he may send it via post / courier. (No cash payment will be accepted via post / courier)

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    4. What are the fees for verification?

    Verification fees for professional level course is Rs.350 per module/subject,Certificate level course Rs.100 per module/subject and for skill development courses Rs.200 per module / subject /programme.

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    5. How long does it take to get verification result?

    The verification process is meticulously drawn up exercise and it therefore takes time which may run to about 6-8 weeks. Though it will be our endeavor to inform the outcome of verification in respect of an exam at the earliest, yet the same cannot be assured, due to time consuming processes involved. However, all such candidates who do not receive the response latest upto 15 days before commencement of the next exam, may send an email to the exam dept. at the contact details as given below.

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    6. What are the possible outcomes, that may arise out of verification of marks?

    The verification exercise may result in
    1. No change of marks
    2. Increase of marks, impacting result or exemption in one or more paper(s)
    3. Increase of marks, which does not have an impact on result or exemption in one or more paper(s)
    4. Decrease of marks

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    7. How can I know the outcome of my verification status?

    Verification of marks will be communicated to the registered e mail id of the student. In case of increase/ decrease/ no change in marks.

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    8 I have not received any communication from the Institute regarding my application for verification of marks of the previous exam, so far. However, the last date for submission of application form for the next exam, is fast approaching. Should I apply for the next exam or not?

    You may submit your examination form for the forthcoming examination, pending receipt of the outcome of verification of answer books of the earlier exam. However, no extension of time for submitting of examination application form will be allowed under any circumstances.


  • I am happy that I got job even I am a student of arts. After joining IIAP I got job within few days. CPCA course is giving me extensive practical knowledge. I am secured in accounting & finance field and I think that I will get best result from these course.

    Freni Pathak
    B.A., M.A., B.ED
  • I got best knowledge of Tally ERP 9. Because of IIAP and their trained professor got the best knowledge of practical accounting. It will be lifetime help for me.

    Payal Arora
    Pursuing Graduation
  • I am happy because I have took admission in arts but I have got job in accounting field. My course was for 2 months and after completion of my course I got job. My salary is also handsome. I have got more practical knowledge in these course. In accounting field my career is bright and I got best result from these.

    Vinali Patel
  • IIAP's training imparted my daughter during the course has been extremely beneficial in increasing her knowledge in the field of finance and accounts. Our sincere thanks to IIAP.

    Divya Patel
  • I belong to village background, Presently I am working with Private Limited Company and getting handsome salary. I got job before completion of the course. I thank to IIAP and their whole team.

    Ankit Patel
    Pursuing Graduation
  • IIAP International Institute of Accounting Profession is an initiative to fill the bridge gap between students who are job ready and lacking knowledge of practical accounting including statutory and legal requirements of their home country as well as foreign country and employers who are in need of professional in accounting and their related area. With the fast and emerging environments of globalization there is always a need of professional who are demanded by companies and they are not born but trained at IIAP.

    Umang Gupta
    ICWA Final Year Student
  • I gave many interviews before joining in IIAP but I did not get job due to lack of knowledge and skill. After joining IIAP I got good job with and doing back office work. IIAP is the best way for better future because they gave excellent practical knowledge. I am so happy that I am a student of IIAP.

  • I have no job before I join in IIAP. I joined IIAP course after few days I got enough practical knowledge in accounting and I have started good job with handsome salary. Still my course is not finished but I have earned more money than I have invested. IIAP has changed my life. Now feeling my future is secured.

  • I have joined IIAP course & within 3 days I have new job after 3 days training. My first salary is 6000Rs. and I will get increment in salary after 2/3 months. I am happy and passionate about my future job security after my completion of course.

    Shivam Mistry


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