PGDBM (Supply Chain Management)

  • Duration of the course: 1 Years
    Fees: INR 20000 / $ 350 / AED 1300

Objectives: This course introduces the fundamentals of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It also provides an understanding of Logistics while underlining the importance Supply Chain Management in various kinds of Industries. This course provides an integrated view of purchasing, production, inventory, transportation, warehousing and administration.

This course will focus on these topics:

  • 21st Century Supply Chains: Introduction and Concepts, Generalised Supply Chain Model, Financial Sophistication, Logistics Value Proposition, the Work of Logistics, Logistical Operations, Logistical Operating Arrangements, Flexible Structure, Supply Chain Synchronization.
  • Introduction to logistic and Customer Accommodation: Customer-focused Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Success, Forecasting, CPFR, Procurement and Manufacturing.
  • Information Technology Framework: Comprehensive Information System Integration, Communication Technology, Rationale for ERP Implementation, ERP System Design, SC Information System Design.
  • Inventory: Functionality and Definitions, Inventory Carrying Cost, Planning Inventory, Managing Uncertainly, Inventory Management Policies and Practices.
  • Transportation & Warehousing: Transportation Infrastructure; Transport Functionality, Principles & Participants, Regulations, Transport Structure, Transport Service, Transport Operations; Transport Economics and Pricing, Transportation Administration, Documentation. Strategic Warehousing, Warehouse Operations, Ownership Arrangements, Warehouse Decisions, Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Packaging and Material Handling: Packaging Perspectives, Packaging for Material Handling Efficiency, Materials Handling, Supply Chain Logistics Design: Global Strategic Positioning; Global SC Integration, SC Security, International Sourcing.
  • Supply Chain Logistics Design: Understand the Supply Chain Design, Explain the Global Strategic Positioning, Discuss the Global Supply Chain Integration, Describe the SC Security, Explain the International Sourcing.
  • Network Integration: Enterprise Facility Network, Warehouse Requirements, Total Cost Integration, Formulating Logistical Strategy.
  • Logistics Design and Operational Planning: Planning Methodology Phase-I, II and III, SC Analysis Methods and Techniques.
  • Supply Chain Logistics Administration: Relationship Development and Management, Operational, Financial and Social Performance.

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