Diploma Compu Champ

  • Duration of the course: 2 Months
    Fees: INR 8000 / $ 150 / AED 500

This course has been developed to provide step-by step descriptions of the general routine functions, you need to know to be able to enjoy your Personal Computer.

You need a little Computer help, so you can start enjoying all the great possibilities your computer can provide.

You want to know about virus, spyware and adware and how you protect your computer from them?

  • You want to know some of the most commonly used computer terms.
  • You want to be able to actually use the programs it came with.
  • You want to keep up with your children and understand what they are saying.
  • You want to take advantage of all the Information on the internet.
  • You want to be able to use e-mail so you can keep in contact with your family and friends.
  • May be you just want to be able to download music or get newsletters and e-books about your favorite subject.
  • You bought a digital camera and want to store and organize your photos Or Maybe you just like to write down all the great recipes, you have collected over the years.


Here is your chance to get the basic knowledge you need, so you can enjoy the time you spend in front of your computer, and you can learn at your own pace. This course is a guide for new computer users. Here you will find step by step descriptions of the most commonly used programs and functions of your computer.



  • Computer concept
  • Operating system
  • Typing tutor
  • Ms paint
  • Notepad & Wordpad
  • Microsoft office 2013
  • Word – excel – powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • Ms access
  • How to Format Computer
  • How to write data on cd or dvd
  • How to use printer effectively
  • Internet
  • How to download file & upload file

  • Using of Cloud (One drive / Google drive)
  • Sharing link using cloude
  • How to sync PC with smart phone
  • Efficient use & understanding of Antivirus
  • Solve basic problem of your PC
  • Send file using cloud
  • Compress file to send it fast via mail
  • Efficient usage of mail
  • Forwarding of mail
  • Chat with mail system
  • Efficient use of Facebook / twitter / linked in
  • What to share on social media
  • Smart search on google

You will be provided detailed computer terms which will contain the explanations to the words you will need to gain the desired knowledge for everyday use. As you get acquainted with the basic functions you will also have a better picture of what your computer can actually do for you in your daily life. After all – a computer is a TOOL, and here is your chance to learn how to use it!


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